Re: Strict Not so strict.

scripsit Jamey Weare:
>    I was demonstrating to my students the validator for
>    strict XHTML today and found it to not be so strict.
>    It allowed align, valign, border, and width attributes.

The Strict DTD [1] gives, for example:

# <!ATTLIST table
#   %attrs;
#   summary     %Text;         #IMPLIED
#   width       %Length;       #IMPLIED
#   border      %Pixels;       #IMPLIED
#   frame       %TFrame;       #IMPLIED
#   rules       %TRules;       #IMPLIED
#   cellspacing %Length;       #IMPLIED
#   cellpadding %Length;       #IMPLIED
#   >

Tables are an exception to the elimination of presentational markup in

>    I was under the understanding that all of those attributes
>    were deprecated. I seem to remember these being found
>    as errors in the past. Is there a bug or is it now allowed?

On <img>, for example, `border' is disallowed.  See [2].


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