Re: XML empty-element syntax in SGML HTML documents

At 2002-05-22T23:11-0700, Christopher R. Maden wrote:-

> I don't expect the SGML parser to catch this, however, it might be a good
> idea for the validator to flag any use of NET in a non-XML document.

> I realize we can't turn SHORTTAG off, but a post-validation analysis is
> probably warranted.

However, Web SGML allows finer granularity here (and I believe OpenSP
supports this...), so you could turn off all of it except attribute
minimisation etc. It ought then to be reasonably easy to use the
alternative SGML declaration if the user selects the relevant option. It's
too early for me to work out whether validity under this would imply
validity under the proper one, but even if not it could still provide a
useful check.

Tim Bagot

Received on Thursday, 23 May 2002 03:32:14 UTC