Re: checklink: false 404 warnings

scripsit Tom Nixon:
> Yes, the first page returns no errors, but when you check linked
> documents it reports some 404s. If you click the supposedly broken link
> the page is actually there.

O<, here's the problem.  It's a server misconifguration on your end.

Take, for example, the `Our Work' stylesheet [1].  If you send the
server at a HTTP GET request, it serves you the file.  If
you send it a HTTP HEAD request, it returns 404, which is wrong.  The
link checker uses HEAD requests to reduce server load and network

Unfortunately, you're using Microsoft IIS, so I can't offer any
suggestions on how to fix your server configuration.


1. <>

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Received on Friday, 17 May 2002 10:18:08 UTC