Re: Error message: Unknown character set wrote:

>I'm trying to get the HTML validator to work,

Adding the magic words "in a local installation", or somesuch, at this
point would probably have been a good idea so we have a hope in ... of
grokking what y'all are talking about. :-)

>but the same document I'm validating works fine on
>, but gives me the following error message on
>my server: [...]
>  The error was "Unsupported conversion: Invalid argument at
>  /data/ch/sri/yagi/cgi-bin/html_validator/ line 448. ".
>Does anyone have any idea? The installation instructions are... ummm....

Yeah, we know the instructions suck. Local installability of the Validator
in general sucks. Hopefully it'll get fixed some time this milennium, but
don't hold your breath...

What seems to be happeneing here is that the CGI script can't find one of
it's configuration files. In this case, the file that holds the character
encoding mapping tables; charset.cfg.

If you're a steady hand at Perl you can probably figure out how to fix it
from that information. Otherwise you need to send me the revision number of
the "check" CGI script (it's up near the top, along with a date and some
stuff, inside a "$Id: check,v blah blah $") and the location of
all the "*.cfg" files and I'll either make your a custom version or give
you instructions for how to fix it.

Oh, and if you're working from CVS you need to be carefull which branch you
check out. The bleeding edge is totally horked ATM and will only run on my
specific development box and pretty much nowhere else.

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