Re: FW: Error message: Unknown character set

 --- Terje Bless <> wrote: > 
> [ I dropped this on the floor, didn't I? Sorry about that! :-( ]
> wrote:
> >Did anyone install the Validator on a Solaris system?
> Nope; and I'll bet this is related. Perhaps your Apache error_log
> contained
> some messages about Text::Iconv or iconv_open? If you don't use a
> recent
> glibc (which Solaris doesn't by default), you need to get libiconv
> seperately (or install glibc) for character encoding conversions to
> work.

FWIW I installed the HEAD revision of the validator on a solaris
machine, and libiconv was there in /usr/local/lib. We exclusively use
gcc, as opposed to Sun's cc, so make of that what you will. All I
needed to do to the Text::Iconv was add '-liconv' to the
appropriate place and then it found the existing library and built

All of the SP package built cleanly with gcc under Solaris too.


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Received on Saturday, 15 June 2002 16:21:47 UTC