Re: First post; mod_perl and installation issues

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> In case it matters that hourly tarball contained:
> check:
> # $Id: check,v 1.183 2001/09/14 04:13:13 gerald Exp $
> checklink:
> # $Id:,v 2.88 2002/01/11 12:36:59 hugo Exp $

As the timestamps suggest, the tarball contains a pretty old version of
the validator and checklink.  The recent development has been going on
in the validator-0_6_0 branch in CVS, and it seems that the tarball is
made from CVS HEAD and so it is not really up to date.

Many of your points have already been addressed (eg. mod_perl issues,
configurable custom DTDs) in the current development branch, please see
<> or
use the instructions in <>, replacing the
"cvs get validator" part with "cvs get -r validator-0_6_0 validator".

There are also some RPM's (for RedHat 7.x) of the validator available at
<>, and there's a more up to date validator
(from the 0_6_0 branch) running at <>.

Ville Skyttä
ville.skytta at

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