Re: Problem in validating XML-files

On Wed, 5 Jun 2002, Jens Meier wrote:

> I have build some pages in XML and tried to validate them. But since
> they are in german (iso-8859-1 encoding) they are rejected with errors.
> Changing the encoding to "windows 1250" everything is ok. But the same
> files are validated as ok with the wdg-validator .... This behavior is
> really mysterious. And I'm very confused. What can I do ????
> References: .

This looks like a genuine bug in the W3 validator.

The error message is one that is silently added for the benefit of
HTML authors who misuse undefined characters.  But you haven't done
any such thing: your german characters are perfectly valid.

What's worse, it seems the development version of validator also
doesn't like your document, but declines to list any errors.
Reminds me of my ISDN card when it was installed in a Windoze box:
"Fehler beim Zugriff der Registry:
Es ist kein Fehler gefunden!"

Someone already mentioned my XML validation service, though I think he
may have overstated the weakness of the HTML validation services a little.

Nick Kew

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