Re: Installing 0.60 on Debian

On Mon, 16 Dec 2002, Wim Fournier wrote:

> I was just on my way to setting up a debian package.
> But why isn't your package in debian itself? did they refuse it?

It should be added to unstable soon, but it needs a bit more testing
before that. It won't be available in the stable version until the
next release, though (which means anything between six months and a few

> OK, explain this to me:
> I installed your opensp package and tried it:
> host:~# /usr/bin/onsgmls --version
> /usr/bin/onsgmls:I: "OpenSP" version "1.6devel"

Despite the output below which seems convicing, this executable (or a file
that it uses, library, etc) is not the one that is included in the
package. I just extracted the package manually, and I get

schutz@laptop:~/$ ./onsgmls --version
./onsgmls:I: "OpenSP" version "1.5"

and onsgmls -R doesn't complain about the unknown option.

> host:~# dpkg -S /usr/bin/onsgmls
> opensp: /usr/bin/onsgmls
> host:~# dpkg -l opensp
> Desired=Unknown/Install/Remove/Purge/Hold
> | Status=Not/Installed/Config-files/Unpacked/Failed-config/Half-installed
> |/ Err?=(none)/Hold/Reinst-required/X=both-problems (Status,Err:
> uppercase=bad)
> ||/ Name           Version        Description
> +++-==============-==============-
> ============================================
> ii  opensp         1.5release-0.0 OpenJade group's SGML parsing tools

Can you also give me the version of libosp3 (and libosp(1|2) if it is
installed as well) ? If libosp3 is not installed, I suggest you install it
from my repository -- there is already a bug filled in Debian about a
dependency problem on libosp3, so we may want to make sure that your
problem is not related.

> I don't get this, still 1.6devel and no -R? i purged the old ones before
> this and made sure none were left...

The fact that you still have 1.6devel is a strong indication that you
haven't purged everything...  perhaps the libosp library from the
"1.6devel" version is still around ?


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