verbose options bug?


I didn't know where to check to see if this has been mentioned before, 
so I apologize if it's a repeat...

On the results page, if you turn on verbose results and then check a 
bunch of the options but uncheck Verbose Output and revalidate, the page 
that you get has links to the things that you checked, but they're not 

I checked Show Source, Outline, and Parse Tree and unchecked Verbose 
Options and got this on the resulting page:

"Jump To: [Results] [Source Listing] [Parse Tree] [Outline]"

It's a normal output without the source, parse tree, or outline, so why 
are those links there?  If this is the way it is supposed to work, I 
would suggest making the "Turn off verbose results" a hyperlink like the 
link to turn it on is (or make the link to turn it on a checkbox).  It's 
confusing the way it is right now.

Marshall Roch

Received on Monday, 9 December 2002 21:07:58 UTC