Re: bug in validator?

Alistair Turnbull <> wrote:

>Just now I tried to send you the broken URL but I can't because you've
>fixed the problem. There are now separate 'Validate URI' and 'Validate
>File' buttons, where before there was only 'Validate Page'.
>A perfectly satisfactory conclusion, really quickly. You're good!

Yes, Olivier changed the form on the front page to satisfy the concerns
that the Validator was using POST instead of GET on it's homepage (in
flagrant violation of the intent of the TAG).

BTW, out of curiosity, can you provide me with the exact version string of
your version of Konqueror? I would expect to find something more precise
then "2.2" (perhaps a build number, perhaps a longer version string) in the
"About" window or somesuch.

I want to try to reproduce this problem so that we can determine what was
the specific cause and take that into account in the future.

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Received on Friday, 6 December 2002 21:52:44 UTC