Re: Validator Tips

Joseph Reagle:

> Howdy, as always, I was just making great use of validator and noted:

> "Tip Of The Day:Don't forget to add a doctype!" I found this
> confusing as I thought, "but I did have a doctype!"  While cool, I'm
> not convinced at how useful the tips are...

Exactly that happened to me as well, and not just once. Even though I'd 
already noted that these are just tips, not error messages, I keep 
misinterpreting them ("What! I know my page is okay. I do have... Oh, 
yeah, now I remember: They're just tips..."). Again and again. A bit 

I think the tips should be removed. They belong in HTML tutorials. The 
Validator is a validator.

Bertilo Wennergren <> <>

Received on Thursday, 5 December 2002 17:04:53 UTC