Re: flakey charset detection

At 8:01 -0800 2002-12-04, David Brownell wrote:
>I recently validated a xhtml 1.0 page that used to validate just fine, and
>instead, I got a message that said things like:

Could you give an URI of your document?

>p.s. Given that it's XHTML, I find the fact that it even _tried_
>      using the META element to be worrisome ... that means that
>      parsing this document as XML could give different results,
>      which breaks all XHTML goals I ever heard.  Not that I've
>      tracked XHTML recently, but this seems like trouble.

I put an XHTML 1.0 document encoded as UTF-8

without Meta or XML Declaration, because XHTML 1.0 is an XML 
document, so XML document encoded as UTF-8 doesn't need the encoding 

And it valids perfectly

The only problem I see is
	that the validator does the right job and respect the HTTP 
header information

200 OK
Date: Wed, 04 Dec 2002 16:55:58 GMT
Content-Type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1

BUT It validates with the wrong encoding. So the validator doesn't 
check if the document is sent with the right encoding. But I guess in 
some cases it's a bit tricky to detect.

I have the feeling, but I may be wrong that the validator should not 
validate it :) but even that it's not sure. :)

An XML declaration is not required in all XML documents; however 
XHTML document authors are strongly encouraged to use XML 
declarations in all their documents. Such a declaration is required 
when the character encoding of the document is other than the default 
UTF-8 or UTF-16 and no encoding was determined by a higher-level 

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