Suggestions and Comments regarding W3C Link Checker


On the input page (, "0 ist
default" should be "0 is default" (or, even better, "0 is the default",
or "the default is 0").

Why doesn't the Link Checker have the option to show the source input
as the HTML Check Service does?  It is a nuisance to be told line
numbers where errors occur and not be able to look at the errors in

On the results page, "Occurences" should be "Occurrences".

I suggest you use the color red less -- it can be difficult to read,
especially the blue letters on the red background.

I ran the checker on a page that contained links of the form
          <a href="#top">
The checker said, "There are broken fragments which must be fixed. 
HTTP Code returned: 200."  Did you mean "These are broken fragments
..."?  In any case, what do you mean?  These links work fine.  You
certainly don't need to say "They need to be fixed" a second time.

It would be nice if the user could start a new check directly from the
results page without first having to click on the link to go back to
the checker (input page).  The HTML checker doesn't even have a link
from the results page to go and do another check; the user must use the
"Back" button.  Similarly, if the user enters a bad URL, he must use
the "Back" button to fix it.


Gerhard Harrop

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Received on Wednesday, 28 August 2002 17:30:04 UTC