Re: Used modularization to restore the use of TARGET=

Dear colleagues
	Is there somebody out there who understands why Target is not part
of Strict? Some seem even to believe that all the Frames-related
functionality is on the way out. I do not see with what it can be repIaced.
I use frames to:

(1) Download precisely the content needed at the time when it is needed (if
(2) Communicate servlets via a hidden frame. I then use Target to direct the
servlet's answer to the right frame.

I was able to use Frames but not Target by handling all the communication
with the servlets through a Form tag situated in a hidden frame and
receiving the answer also always in the hidden frame. But then I had to
handle the uploading of user-selected files. Most browsers (eg IE6) do not
allow to access the Value attribute of <Input type="file"> dynamically, so I
have to place the form in a visible frame. Without a Target attribute on the
form, the servlet will destroy the content of that visible frame by writing
into it.

Groete Johannes

Received on Monday, 26 August 2002 04:51:10 UTC