Vaidator Issue


The HTML validator doesn't care for lists in a paragraph, though grammer 
would dictate that this (following example) is the same paragraph--in 
fact the same sentence. If I close the paragraph and begin a new one 
then I am marking up for style instead of content which violates the 
premise of content driven markup.

Is there no one else that ever attempted to place a list mid 

Any, feedback would be appreciated, thanks,
        Brenda Make

    <p>Please try these things:
        <ul class="list_bulleted">
            <li>Thing one;</li>
            <li>Thing two;</li>
            <li>Thing three;</li>
     ...before mailing me with your problem.</p>

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XTML looks good and I am working to move my book to this standard.
XML looks terrible to the eye and the WC3 should have considered the 
ability for a human to read/validate the content as well.

Received on Wednesday, 21 August 2002 20:04:51 UTC