Re: validator does NOT validate XHTML 1.0

Thanasis Kinias wrote:

> scripsit Devon Y.:

>> Since the Recommendation clearly says the document must have the 
>> namespace in it -  if a document doesn't, then it is not a valid document, 
>> right?

No, it can be valid. However, it is not "strictly conforming" then, see

>> I would think that if a #FIXED attribute in a DTD was equal to the
>> attribute being in the doc itself, that Opera & Mozilla would still
>> display the page as any XHTML 1.0 doc w/ namespace directly in it,
>> would be displayed.

Neither Opera nor Mozilla use validating parsers, i.e. they don't read the

> That's _bizarre_, and very broken behaviour if the browsers do that.

Of course, the statement above is true only if the document is declared with
a MIME type such as "application/xhtml+xml", and this behaviour makes sense
in that case.

Christoph Schneegans


Received on Monday, 19 August 2002 10:39:57 UTC