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I have a page I'd like to be verified for HTML 4.0 when it submits a 401
message.  I know it works when you specify the password, however, I want
to verify the content of the page that is provided when you either fail to
provide the correct password, or when you abort.

The uri is already passed to the validation service. possibly a new
variable could be added to facilitate other HTTP 401 responses.

According to the PHP documentation I have researched, a different message
can be displayed for the page when it has been aborted, or when the login

I know there are ways around this obsticale, however, I think it would be
helpfull if another variable could control this behaivor.


Scott Edwards

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$email .= "@";
$email .= "";

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Received on Wednesday, 14 August 2002 04:09:06 UTC