Re: target attribute of anchor tags

On Thu, 8 Aug 2002, Thanasis Kinias wrote:

> Many users (myself and, apparently, Liam included) find such behaviour
> to be obnoxious.  Don't force me to endlessly proliferate browser
> windows -- I'm quite capable of right-clicking if that's what I want.

Mozilla preferences: advanced: scripts and windows.
  uncheck 'Allow webpages to open a link in a new window'
technology providing solutions for problems technology creates.

> If you are in the United States, you also have Federal civil rights
> legislation (the Americans with Disabilities Act) to consider.  Forcing
> the opening of new browser windows is disorienting and confusing to
> blind users relying on screen readers, Braille displays, and similar
> adaptive technology.  Using such a technique unecessarily is illegally
> discriminatory against people with disabilities.

arguably free markets in action: small userbase, few providers, not
much competition in adaptive technology.



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