iso8859-1 vs iso-8859-1

On 16 Apr 2001 Bj�rn posted:

>* Donald Leahy wrote:
>>The charecter set used for the Microsoft website 'iso8859-1'
>>was verified as not valid, could you look into this, Josh
>ISO_8859-1:1987 can be named iso-ir-100, ISO_8859-1, ISO-8859-1, latin1,
>l1, IBM819, CP819, csISOLatin1, where ISO-8859-1 is the preferred MIME
>name, iso8859-1 is no valid alias.

What's the authority for that?  I've been googling and can't find the
definitive source.  I noticed that GNU's site uses the 'iso8859-1' name,
but I'm not going to bring it to their attention without darn good

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