Re: Validator support for MathML embedded in XHTML

Nick Kew <> wrote:

> This one misses out on the IDRef Errors, which are actually due to
> the bug in the XHTML 1.1 DTD that makes the usemap attribute into
> an IDREF.
> This bug has been discussed here before, and really, really should be
> fixed as it's a real showstopper for XHTML+[MATHML|etc] doctypes.

For the record, it was a deliberate decision to make the usemap
attribute to IDREF and XHTML-aware browsers like Mozilla and Netscape 6
does (happen to) work with such image map used in XHTML documents
served as 'application/xhtml+xml', but nevertheless, an erratum
is planned for "5.8. Client-side Image Map Module" of Modularization
of XHTML to make it a URI reference.

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Received on Wednesday, 3 April 2002 03:10:49 UTC