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Re: difference between upload validate & online URI

From: Terje Bless <link@pobox.com>
Date: 28 Sep 2001 11:21:50 +0200
To: "R.B. Cohen" <rbcohen@istar.ca>
Cc: www-validator@w3.org
Message-Id: <1001668911.1586.38.camel@tux>
On Wed, 2001-09-26 at 20:56, R.B. Cohen wrote:
> Not sure if this email is appropriate to this address.

It is. If something doesn't validate that you think should, or does and
you think it shouldn't, this is the place to go. Likewise for other
issues related directly to the Validator (web site feedback, feature
requests, bug reports, kudos... ;D, complaints, etc.). It is not the
place for web design advice or similar issues, except as it pertains to
the Validator directly. (but we're a fairly forgiving bunch so don't
worry overly much about whether you are off-topic or not). :-)

> I am not welcomed on
> the authoring.html newsgroup so cannot post this there.

Oh? comp.infosystems.www.authoring.html is usually a fairly welcoming

> 1)
> Warning: DOCTYPE Override in effect! Any DOCTYPE Declaration in the document
> has been suppressed and the DOCTYPE for «HTML 4.01 Transitional» inserted
> instead. The document will not be Valid until you alter the source file to
> reflect this new DOCTYPE.
> ??? I don't see any hint of what this means. My DOCTYPE is inserted
> correctly by BBEdit 6.0. It's validated a thousand times over again using
> your validation.

This warning appears if you select a DOCTYPE in the form when you submit
the URL to validate. It means that we have parsed the document and
commented out any existing DOCTYPE and then inserted the one you
selected in the form instead. To avoid this, do not select a DOCTYPE
from the popup-menu, it's there only to allow you to override the
DOCTYPE for documents you have no control over. For documents that do
contain a correct DOCTYPE we will detect and use it automatically.

To avoid this confusion, the popup in question will probably be removed
in a future version of the Validator and replaced with a separate
"Extended Interface".

> 2)
> I validated my local copy and got VERY bizarre errors (line 1 whereby line 1
> is the DOCTYPE). Line 234 where there wasn't a line 234. And on and on. None
> related to the many actual errors!
> I then validated an online version. It validated "properly" -- showed the
> many errors. Except the DOCTYPE error still appeared.
> Very confused. I'm using a Mac with IE 5.0. Not had previous problems
> uploading my files to W3C. But I have seen similar occurrences whereby the
> local version & online version validate differently. And they are IDENTICAL.
> Online version: http://www.woodengems.com/shtml/

This sounds like a bona fide bug in the File Upload function. Could you
send me your local copy as an email attachment (off list, please) and
put the "online version" somewhere it won't change for a little while
(in case you need to change the on-line version, I mean).

I'm a little pressed for time right now, but I'll try to look into it as
soon as possible.
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