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Re: multiple white-space

From: Jochem Heicke <jhl@surfeu.de>
Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2001 23:09:01 +0200
Message-ID: <3BB0F26D.8040007@surfeu.de>
To: Jochem Heicke <jhl@surfeu.de>
CC: validator <www-validator@w3.org>
As there are obviously some STRANGE behaviours due to the specs. Would 
it be possible to give a WARNING in such cases.

According to the developers of Mozilla due to the specs an OPTION is 
forced to be "white-space:nowrap". This implies "normal" and overwrites 
any given PRE formatting.

The spec really seems not to allow monospace-formatting without wrapping,
well done :-(

Jochem Heicke

16.6 Whitespace: the 'white-space' property

     Value:   normal | pre | nowrap | inherit
     Initial:   normal
     Applies to:   block-level elements
     Inherited:   yes
     Percentages:   N/A
     Media:   visual

This property declares how whitespace inside the element is handled. 
Values have the following meanings:

This value directs user agents to collapse sequences of whitespace, and 
break lines as necessary to fill line boxes. Additional line breaks may 
be created by occurrences of "\A" in generated content (e.g., for the BR 
element in HTML). pre
This value prevents user agents from collapsing sequences of whitespace. 
Lines are only broken at newlines in the source, or at occurrences of 
"\A" in generated content. nowrap
This value collapses whitespace as for 'normal', but suppresses line 
breaks within text except for those created by "\A" in generated content 
(e.g., for the BR element in HTML).
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