validation, etc

I am trying to understand why I get parse errors when I validate my CSS, 
however, to try and find any information on your site is beyond my ability.
I suggest that the W3C site is one of the worst I have used.  It is not 
laid out in a way that facilitates gathering of information.  It is a 
daunting, confusing site that seems to wander endlessly over a lot of 
technical garble.  All I want to know is what a parse error in CSS is, and 
why it is showing up in my code.  I can't find it, and I am wondering, with 
a web site like this, how you guys maintain your overall credibility.  I 
don't even know if I am writing to the right person.  Your biggest mistake 
seems to be that you do not ever look at your site from the end-user 
perspective.  Maybe I am missing the point, but I am not the only person 
that laughs and shakes their head when trying to find something useful on 
your site.  I urge you to take a look at, and ; 
these sites serve the end-user very well.  You guys would do well to shape 
up yours in a similar fashion.

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Received on Tuesday, 18 September 2001 14:40:16 UTC