Re: public validator site updated

On 14.09.01 at 09:52, Peter K. Sheerin <> wrote:

>1) Move this "warning" below the success message.
>2) Can you use a different word, such as "caution"? Warning is a bit too
>3) Can you change the wording to more clearly reflect that the BOM is
>allowed to be there, but that some browsers/parsers may have problems, and
>that it's the fault of those programs, not the author's coding?

No. Yes. Yes. :-)

I see your problem and I would like to resolve it. I don't want to move
that message -- for several reasons -- but I'll entertain any suggestions
on how else to achieve that goal. The other two issues are unproblematic:
#2 will be changed to a "Note" and #3 will be reworded to better indicate
what the status of the BOM is.

>The way that the BOM is supported in this public release changed from
>earlier versions on the testing port [...]

It did? Remind me: what did we change?

Received on Friday, 14 September 2001 13:56:57 UTC