FW: Errors list seems incomplete

Josh Soref e-mailed me directly, requesting that the the error explanation
page [1] use <a name> in addition to id to provide targets, so that the
anchors work in legacy (i.e., NS4) browsers.  That's allowable in
Transitional XHTML 1, so it seems a good idea.

[1] <http://validator.w3.org/docs/errors.html>

Thanasis Kinias
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Tempe, Ariz., U.S.A.

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From: Josh Soref [mailto:soref@wam.umd.edu]
Sent: Wednesday, 28 March 2001 10:42
To: Thanasis Kinias
Subject: Re: Errors list seems incomplete

> Thanasis Kinias wrote:
> Josh Soref wrote:
> > I was trying to validate a page and there was an explanation link to
> > http://validator.w3.org/docs/errors.html#attr-undef
> > but that didn't appear to be explained in the page
> If you post a URL to the page in question (which triggered the error), the
list subscribers will have an easier time helping you.
> From what you posted, my guess would be that you've used Netscape or MS
proprietary markup (i.e., not valid W3C HTML), but that's just a SWAG.

sorry, the problem is that w3 uses id's on random elements instead of using
<a name> like a friendly script. [i was using nc4.76 instead of mozilla's

could you possibly make errors.html legacy friendly?

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