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Re: Bug in W3C HTML validator

From: Christian Smith <csmith@barebones.com>
Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2001 07:45:50 -0500
To: www-validator@w3.org
Message-ID: <20010319074551-r01010600-ff9779ac@>
On Sunday, March 18, 2001 at 11:01, frankvw@euronet.nl (Frank van Wensveen) wrote:

> Now I won't hold this loss of face I suffered agains you... :-))  But
> I'd appreciate if somebody could look into this, since now I feel that
> my rocksolid trust in the W3C validator was not completely warranted
> after all. It *did* miss a few syntax errors, and nasty ones at that
> (missing table tags can wreak havoc in Netscape Navigator especially).

Ahh, but you see, in HTML 4.0 it is not required to close <td> and <tr>
tags as these will be implicitly closed if left open. So, the W3C
validor is correct in not reporting these as errors because they are in
fact not errors.

However, neither of the validators caught these error:

> Line 22:  Value of attribute ³content² for element ³<meta>² is
> invalid; Value needs entity encoding 

(caused by a < and a > in the meta content)

> File "untitled 2"; Line 51:  Value of attribute ³width² for element
> ³<td>² must be a number.

(caused by a space prepending the value, is this really an error?)

> File "untitled 2"; Line 102:  Value of attribute ³bgcolor² for element
> ³<td>² is invalid; Value isn't hex color spec or predefined color.

(caused by missing #)

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