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I had a similar problem marking up poetry (don't laugh ;).  I used CSS like

> p.verseInit {
>   margin-bottom: 0;
>   margin-top: 1em;
> } 
> p.verseMed {
>   margin-bottom: 0;
>   margin-top: 0;
> } 
> p.verseTerm {
>   margin-bottom: 1em;
>   margin-top: 0;
> }

Each line got its own <p>, distinguished by class as to whether it got
margins on top, bottom, or neither.  You could do something similar for your
case.  E.g.:

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Interesting.  I wasn't aware that there were block elements that could only
contain inline elements.  I guess the only case that I can think of where
you would want a table element inside of a p element would be if you
actually had a table inside a paragraph and you didn't want your paragraph
to be split into two paragraphs, but rather to be one paragraph split by the
table.  Add CSS to the mix and it makes this point more clear.  Suppose all
of my paragraphs are setup to indent on the first line (using CSS).  If that
were the case, then doing this:
<p>Some text...</p>
<p>... some finishing text.</p>
would look much different than doing this:

<p>Some text...
... some finishing text.</p>

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