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Validator choking GoLive generated JavaScript

From: Bob Rosenberg <webmaster@rockmug.org>
Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2001 00:19:59 -0500
To: WWW Validator List <www-validator@w3.org>
Message-id: <p0510030fb855988993c5@[]>
I just ran the home page <http://www.rockmug.org/default.html> of my 
computer club's web site (for which I'm responsible) through the 
Validator and got some odd "problems". I am getting lots of spurious 
"errors" caused by my use of GoLive to create the site. While I 
acknowledge that the constructs probably are not HTML 4, the overly 
aggressive reporting of them makes wading through the error report 
list to find TRUE errors a difficult task. Not only is the Validator 
screaming about the constructs themselves but then it screams about 
their content by syntax checking them. Here is an example:

Line 9, character 16:


Error: element CSSCRIPTDICT not defined in this HTML version

Checking this line it admits that it does not support <csobj> but 
first it goes wild trying to syntax check it (see the error messages 

186 <csobj W="150" H="30" T="Button" HT="Images/Meeting-s.jpg" 
CL="Images/Meeting-m.jpg"><a HREF="meeting.dates.html" 
ONMOUSEOVER="return CSIShow(/*CMP*/'Meetings',1)" ONMOUSEOUT="return 
ONCLICK="CSIShow(/*CMP*/'Meetings',2);return CSButtonReturn()"><img 
SRC="Images/Meeting-m.jpg" WIDTH="150" HEIGHT="30" NAME="Meetings" 

Line 186, character 32:

...                                 <td WIDTH="33%"><csobj W="150" 
H="30" T="Button" HT="Ima ...

Error: there is no attribute W for this element (in this HTML version)
*	Line 186, character 40:

... WIDTH="33%"><csobj W="150" H="30" T="Button" HT="Images/Meet ...

Error: there is no attribute H for this element (in this HTML version)
*	Line 186, character 47:

... 33%"><csobj W="150" H="30" T="Button" HT="Images/Meeting-s.j ...

Error: there is no attribute T for this element (in this HTML version)
*	Line 186, character 59:

... W="150" H="30" T="Button" HT="Images/Meeting-s.jpg" CL="Imag ...

Error: there is no attribute HT for this element (in this HTML version)
*	Line 186, character 85:

... HT="Images/Meeting-s.jpg" CL="Images/Meeting-m.jpg"><a HREF= ...

Error: there is no attribute CL for this element (in this HTML version)
*	Line 186, character 107:

... pg" CL="Images/Meeting-m.jpg"><a HREF="meeting.dates.html" O ...

Error: element CSOBJ not defined in this HTML version
*	Line 186, character 381:

... 0" NAME="Meetings" BORDER="0"></a></csobj></td>

Note that I have the following Meta-Tag (so it should be able to 
bypass the stuff it does not want to check - Add a switch to turn on 
this feature if desired so you can report/ignore at the user's 

7 <meta NAME="generator" CONTENT="Adobe GoLive 5">

I would be MUCH happier if this triggered a warning message something 
like this:

Warning: Page created by GoLive. Validator will ignore and not syntax 
check GoLive generated JavaScript Contructs [<csscriptdict>, 
<cssactions>, <cssobj>, etc.].

With the cs... constructs in the brackets optionally listed. This 
could trigger a warning message against the </html> tag that lists 
the bypassed tag types that were encountered and ignored (instead of 
them being listed in mass in the "Will Be Ignored" Warning). Note: I 
am not asking for a line-by-line but only an indication that one or 
more occurrences of the construct were encountered.

Thank you.
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