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I have bunch of ASP Files which are Passing the Querystring through the
To make the HTML Page W3c Compliant I changed the
url from
to        a.asp:a=b&amp;b=c

Which makes my page W3C Compliant,
but now when I am running the page, Asp's Request.Querystring()
is not working
      I could get the Value for "a" by saying request.querystring("a")
      but value for the "B" is not present.

what should the the solution for this.

Please suggest.


Attached is the FAQ message posted on the W3c FAQ

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From: "Dmitri Klimenko" <dg@humorist.ru>
To: "Jarrod Dieppa" <JDIEPPA@mbakercorp.com>
Cc: <www-validator@w3.org>
Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2001 13:12:24 -0400
Subject: Re: asp URLs

Ampersands have special meaning in HTML, they are used to encode entities
(like &copy; , &quot;)
When an ampersand must be used for some other purpose in a page, for
example, as a parameter separator in a query string, it should be encoded as
&amp; so instead of
<a href="page.asp?a=b&c=d">page</a>
you should write
<a href="page.asp?a=b&amp;c=d">page</a>
Weird as it seems at first, this is the correct way of writing query
strings, it is valid in terms of HTML, and works in all compliant browsers.

>I have a bunch of ASP pages that do not validate to the HTML 4.01
transitional standard because they have hyperlinks with an ampersand in the
URL. The validator says that whatever is after the ampersand is an unknown
entity. I was wondering if this is just a limitation of the validator or can
I really not use ampersands in a hyperlink url? If I can't, is there a way
around it?

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