Re: Problem in Sending the Data By Querystring

On Fri, 7 Dec 2001, kamlesh Andhare wrote:

> I am trying to validate the site for W3C 4.01 HTML Transitional.
> I have some Links as follows
>     Page.asp?a=b&b=c
> Which is not a valid link as per W3C.
> So I changed it to
>     page.asp?a=b&c=d
> Which is error free.
> But because of this now my ASP's Request.Querystring("b")
> is not working. I could get the value of the "a" but for "b"
> I am not getting the value !!
> If I am removing the "&" from the url then it is working.
> what would be the probable solution for this !!

It sounds like you're entering the URL directly in your browser or
otherwise bypassing the browser's translation of "&" to "&".  When you
select a link such as

<a href="page.asp?a=b&amp;c=d">...</a>

your browser will fetch "page.asp?a=b&c=d".

Liam Quinn

Received on Tuesday, 11 December 2001 18:08:01 UTC