Re: Euro sign

Hello Olivier,

Can you send us a pointer to the page you validated, or
at least the error message(s)?

First, you need to use an encoding that includes the Euro.
windows-1252 would be an obvious candidate. Maybe you
already used that.

Also, I guess that we have to update the validator to a
new version of iconv, because the Euro wasn't included
in earlier versions of some win encodings.

Of course, if you use UTF-8, you won't have any problem at

Another, temporary, fix is to use €, see

Regards,   Martin.

At 20:14 01/12/01 -0500, Olivier Mermod, Geneva wrote:
>Opera offers now the validation check with CTRL-ALT-V !
>So I discover your service but have an error because of this
>embarassing $ for Europe :
>How do you manage the encoding tag to overcome the error ?
>best wishes
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