RE: "Valid HTML 4" image

My comments were not meant as a flame!  I am stating the truth.  This issue has
been brought up several times over the past few months, and the first time I
have ever seen anyone from the W3C even acknowledge it was this morning when
Steve Kimberley replied that it will be fixed next week.

Yes, I'm thankful for the validator service.  But to be honest, this should have
been fixed long ago.  Alot of people follow the W3C's guideline for adding the
image to their page, which first suggests to link directly to their copy of the

I'll recognize them when it actually gets fixed, and someone DOES take the time
to maintain the graphics.

"David Braverman" <> on 09/22/2000 10:51:07 AM

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Subject:  RE: "Valid HTML 4" image

Whoa, dude! The flame was totally unnecessary.

These people volunteer their time to maintain the validators and graphics.
Let's recognize them for that instead of trashing them for not volunteering

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