Re: re-testing "fixed" file?

Thank you Bjoern. In fact I'm sure that there's a "caching server" at my 
ISP that did this. Another problem with such a setup is that when I'm 
making repeated uploads during re-writes of a file something (recursion?) 
causes the site to become unavailable to me even though someone from a 
different computer can get to the newly edited site!

At 10:24 PM 9/10/00 +0200, Bjoern Hoehrmann wrote:
>* "William Loughborough" <> wrote:
>| So I try to validate a page and get an error notification, fix it and am
>| unable to try the corrected version because it apparently caches the
>| original report?
>This must be a problem on your side, e.g. there works a HTTP acceleration
>proxy in front of your website. The Validator doesn't use any proxy, if i've
>not missed something significant.
>But, i think a "Cache-Control: no-cache" should be sent by the validator, to
>ensure there aren't any problems (or the same thing in HTTP/1.0 syntax, since
>the used LWP version is a HTTP/1.0 client).
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