working on XHTML validation

I'm hoping to include XHTML and validation (inc. CSS and Bobby)
in a web design class I'm teaching here in New Hampshire.
(Actually any good suggestions on texts would be appreciated,
intro to web design, ideally for non-programmers).... 
here are some observations from developing a trival page that
passes both XHTML strict and CSS validation ... 

(Presumably you can't have nested comments; not obvious in HTML 4.01
documentation, but fails the validation ... closes on -- occuring in 
second <!-- sequence)

Here are some trivia that might want to be corrected:

XHTML validator seems to allow
	<!-- xxx -- > (note space after --) if it is the only error
	but it flags it as an error if others also exist
CSS validator ... the "include" branding text
	is not in proper XHTML format
	(capital P, no terminating P, no termination on IMG)
	SO when you include this, you fail the XHTML strict test.

PS if folks are interested in Web Page Engineering standards
take a look at: or the
	URL below.  ... always looking for help in this
	area.... trying to incorporate XHTML into the
	next version.

Thanks, and best wishes (not on validator email list)
Jim Isaak
Internet/Standards Strategist
| Encouraging nomination of Ed Parrish for IEEE
| President (for info & petition to sign, see URL)
| Web Page Engineering standards & training:
| Internet Best Practice standards:

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