RE: Ampersands + "Last modified:" Malfunctions

Hi Bruce!

>>> Thu, 22 Jun 2000 09:32:41 -0400 <> >>>
> Others have corrected you about the use of &amp; -- CGI authors out
> there to don't have to stop programming in the commonly-accepted
> fashion, but page authors DO need to start linking to them
> correctly!  Did you try the proposed remedy before complaining that
> the validator was broken?

Of course.  For example:


displays my book, "" - while the proposed remedy:


shows a book called "The Seeker"!  While this difference may not 
occur in your browser, it does happen for 80% of my business 
associates, and for 100% of the browsers in the Glendale Public 
Library system.  As you might imagine, I can't ignore a discrepancy 
this large.  I know the W3C wants to eliminate solitary ampersands 
from link URLs, but whatever happened to the good old idea of 
"backward compatibility"?!

> You also reported  that:
> > Also, when providing a direct link to the validation results:
> > ,
> > the validator generates a "Last modified:" field which has nothing
> > to do with the page being validated.  In other words, the validator
> > indicates that any given page is being modified continuously!
> The generated last modified value is correct on my pages.  Perhaps
> this is an idiosyncrasy of your server?

No, you're right - the W3C has repaired this malfunction since I 
reported it on June 3.

Thanks for your feedback!

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