Re: validator bug ?

At 00:11 22-01-00 , Jens Elkner wrote:
>I just checked some pages with the w3 validator for HTML 
>4.01 strict and got an error for all anchors, which have an 
>"&" in the URI (e.g.  on

>AFAIK, & is allowed in URIs and should not be interpreted 
>as an single entity.So is it a tiny validator bug or did I miss 

Yes... & is a character allowed within a URI.

No... this is not a validator bug.

Perhaps, and apparently you have.

The & character _is_ allowed within a URI. Ergo, whey you specify the URL
to a browser, or to utilities such as lwp-request, it will work quite nicely.

Within an HTML page, however, & is one of the characters that need to be
specified in a special way (quoted). Ergo, when you express such a URL
within an HTML file, such as within an HREF, you need to express any & as
&amp (or &), just as you would anywhere else within the HTML file.

Safe computing,  /Harold

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