Re: What is "xml1.dcl"?

Nick Kew <> wrote:

> The XHTML Basic Spec at
> <URL:>
> makes reference to "xml1.dcl" from the catalogue entry.
> However, I am unable to find any useful information pertaining to
> xml1.dcl.

You can get it from tarball or ZIP'd archive of the XHTML Basic REC.

> Validation on a couple of trivial test cases seems to work if I just
> use the old xml.dcl, but I'd be reluctant to declare that the Site
> Valet supports the new standard on such flimsy evidence ;-)

You might be using nsgmls.  Unfortunately an SGML delcaration for XML
included in the SP distribution (AFAIK, even version 1.3.4, which is
the latest version at the momemt) is incorrect in two points.  One is
that the ISO Registration Number for UCS-4 is incorrectly specified as
176 rather than 177, and the other is that it intentionally alters some
part of CHARSET declaration because it only supports 16-bit characters,
as stated in a comment:

             -- use this instead of the official declaration because SP only
                supports 16-bit characters --

If you use xml1.dcl with nsgmls, you'll get the following message:

nsgmls:xml1.dcl:31:27:W: characters in the document character set with numbers exceeding 65535 not supported

But this is a warning message, not an error message, and shouldn't affect
the validation so long as you are using characters up to 65535.

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Received on Monday, 25 December 2000 00:34:39 UTC