Re: Validate

On Fri, 22 Dec 2000, Bob Sampson wrote:

> Hi.
> I was wondering if there's any way to get a validation .dll like the one you
> use at

Yes there is.  In fact there are several options, as well as one or two
which describe themselves as HTML validators but aren't really.
I'll ignore the bogus ones, and discuss only genuine validators.

1. Probably the simplest for you is Liam Quinn's shareware at

2. To validate through a Web browser with a similar look-and-feel to the
   W3 validator, the WDG validator code can be downloaded from

3. For an industrial-strength system that will actively maintain an entire
   site (report options including but not limited to validation), a new
   Intranet edition of my own company's Site Valet product will be
   launched in the new year, along with an improved service to existing
   WWW subscribers at <URL:>.

Nick Kew

Received on Saturday, 23 December 2000 04:34:45 UTC