Re: doctype placement

At 07:19 PM 26/07/99 -0400, Russell Steven Shawn O'Connor wrote:
>I was working on setting up nsgmls to automatically assume HTML 4.0 by
>adding the line
>to my catalog.  I can't remember how sucessful I was at this.  Assuming it
>did work, with careful use of multiple catalog files at the commandline, I
>think you can get nsgmls to complain about the missing DOCTYPE and
>inserting it itself according to whatever heristic you want to use to
>choose the DOCTYPE. 

This has the unfortunate side effect of allowing unrecognized DOCTYPEs to
go by without an error message while SP assumes HTML4.dtd.  I've looked
into hacking SP to change this but haven't found a nice workaround.

Liam Quinn

Received on Monday, 26 July 1999 20:02:11 UTC