Re: doctype placement

On July 22, 1999 at 16:34, Nat Irons wrote:

> I use MHonArc to maintain a number of mailing list archives.  mhonarc
> likes to add a handful of HTML comments to the beginning of its pages,
> in advance of the doctype declaration.  The validator hates this; it
> can't find a doctype at all if it isn't the first thing in the file.

I brought this problem up to the www-validator list when it arised
on the mhonarc list.  Here are some URLs to see what was discussed


[Note, the list archive seems to handle threading stangely, hence the
 the 2 URLs given so you can read up on the previous discussion.  The
 first URL should start the thread, but the index lists it in isolation.]

I do not know if anything was done to fix the service.  You may just
want to download SP/nsgmls for yourself for local use.

I did highlight where in the validator service the correction needs to
be made, but a good patch would require some restructuring on how data
is passed.  The validator service reads the data into an array
(inefficient in memory and speed) where I think reading the data into a
single scalar would work just as well.  Since the data is in an array,
applying a comment declaration strip s/// operation to help find what
doctype is being used is more difficult.  The quick hack is to do
a join on the array first, but it would be nicer if the data was already
in a single scalar.


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