Re: Unclosed IMG tag bug?

On Thu, 6 Aug 1998, Nir Dagan wrote:

> The issue with the IMG element was:
> <A><IMG alt="foo" src="foo"</A>
> The closing > is missing in the IMG tag.
> This is a form of shorttag which is valid 
> but browsers don't like, so better not use it. 
> It is called "closed start tag."
> So there is no bug with the validator here.
> See the HTML spec at the notes section:

Thanks for the reply. (I missed the absense of the closing '>'
the first time I read this report.)

This type of error is typically caught by a lint-style program
like Weblint:

An SGML-based validator will correctly not flag this as an error,
but it's a useful thing for authors to be aware about anyway.
This is why I have a "use Weblint" option as part of the validation

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