and utf-8 (fwd)

Attached is a bug report I received a while ago.

If someone who knows more about i18n than I do could look into this
and supply patches, I'd be very grateful!

Gerald Oskoboiny              <>  +1 617 253 2920
System Administrator, W3C
World Wide Web Consortium, MIT Laboratory for Computer Science
545 Technology Square,  Room NE43-353  Cambridge MA  02139 USA

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From: Andreas Prilop <>
Date: Wed, 1 Jul 1998 14:42:41 +0200
To: Gerald Oskoboiny <>
Cc: "Alan J. Flavell" <>
Subject: and utf-8

Hello Gerald:

Upon validation
I get the response "non SGML character number 146", etc.
But chars 128 to 159 are perfectly legal characters in UTF-8,
Windows-1251, x-Mac-CE, and many other character sets.
Could you please explain this?


Received on Thursday, 6 August 1998 15:28:38 UTC