[Bug 152] Upload/Textarea with support for HTML/XHTML documents


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--- Comment #7 from Olivier Thereaux <ot@w3.org>  2009-01-21 21:36:18 ---
Colour me utterly confused here. As of today:

* both the production (jigsaw.w3.org) and dev (qa-dev.w3.org) instances seem to
be recognizing html when sent through file upload 
* the file upload interface still says "CSS files only"
* in direct input mode, the validator stumbles on the first html-ism and stops
* there is no UI to tell the validator "this is html"

I think it is fair to assume:
* HTML is now supported on "by URI" and "File Upload" modes
* not supported (yet) in "Direct Input" mode

This calls for reopening of this RFE.

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