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validator/share/templates/en_US valid.tmpl,1.26,1.27 table.tmpl,1.38,1.39

From: Olivier Thereaux via cvs-syncmail <cvsmail@w3.org>
Date: Mon, 05 May 2008 03:29:32 +0000
To: www-validator-cvs@w3.org
Message-Id: <E1JsrOO-0006HA-M7@lionel-hutz.w3.org>

Update of /sources/public/validator/share/templates/en_US
In directory hutz:/tmp/cvs-serv24096/share/templates/en_US

Modified Files:
	valid.tmpl table.tmpl 
Log Message:
transitioning out of "valid" towards "checked"

Index: valid.tmpl
RCS file: /sources/public/validator/share/templates/en_US/valid.tmpl,v
retrieving revision 1.26
retrieving revision 1.27
diff -u -d -r1.26 -r1.27
--- valid.tmpl	12 Sep 2007 06:09:41 -0000	1.26
+++ valid.tmpl	5 May 2008 03:29:30 -0000	1.27
@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@
 <h3 id="warning_loop">Validation Output<TMPL_IF NAME="number_of_warnings_is_1">: 1 Warning</TMPL_IF><TMPL_IF NAME="number_of_warnings_is_plural">: <TMPL_VAR NAME="valid_warnings_num" ESCAPE="HTML"> Warnings</TMPL_IF>
-      Below is a list of the warning message(s) produced when validating your document.
+      Below is a list of the warning message(s) produced when checking your document.
     <TMPL_IF NAME="opt_group_errors">
         <TMPL_INCLUDE NAME="error_loop_grouped.tmpl">
@@ -30,7 +30,7 @@
 <TMPL_IF NAME="is_tentative">
-    was checked and found to be <em>tentatively</em> valid <TMPL_VAR NAME="file_version" ESCAPE="HTML">.
+    was <em>tentatively</em> checked as <TMPL_VAR NAME="file_version" ESCAPE="HTML">.
     This means that with the use of some fallback or override mechanism, 
     we successfully performed a formal validation using an SGML or XML 
     Parser. In other words, the document would validate as 
@@ -38,8 +38,8 @@
     to match the changes we have performed automatically, but 
     <strong>it will not be valid until you make these changes</strong>.
-    was checked and found to be 
-    <TMPL_IF NAME="xmlwf_only">well-formed<TMPL_ELSE>valid</TMPL_IF>
+    was successfully checked as 
+    <TMPL_IF NAME="xmlwf_only">well-formed</TMPL_IF>
     <TMPL_VAR NAME="file_version" ESCAPE="HTML">.  
     <TMPL_IF NAME="xmlwf_only">This means that we were not able to determine 
     the exact document type, but that the document passed the XML well-formedness
@@ -110,13 +110,13 @@
     If you use <a href="http://www.w3.org/Style/CSS/">CSS</a> in your document,
     you can 
 <TMPL_IF NAME="is_upload">
-    check it for validity
+    check it 
   <TMPL_IF NAME="is_direct_input">
     <a title="Validate CSS at the W3C CSS Validator"
     href="http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/validator?uri=<TMPL_VAR NAME="file_uri_param">">check
-    it for validity</a>
+    it</a>
     using the W3C

Index: table.tmpl
RCS file: /sources/public/validator/share/templates/en_US/table.tmpl,v
retrieving revision 1.38
retrieving revision 1.39
diff -u -d -r1.38 -r1.39
--- table.tmpl	9 Nov 2007 19:26:29 -0000	1.38
+++ table.tmpl	5 May 2008 03:29:30 -0000	1.39
@@ -1,16 +1,16 @@
   <TMPL_IF NAME="is_tentative">
-    <h2 class="tentative_valid">This Page Is <em>Tentatively</em> Valid 
+    <h2 class="tentative_valid">This document was <em>Tentatively</em> checked as  
     <TMPL_VAR NAME="file_version" ESCAPE="HTML"></h2>
-    <h2 class="valid">This Page Is <TMPL_IF NAME="xmlwf_only">well-formed<TMPL_ELSE>Valid</TMPL_IF>
+    <h2 class="valid">This document was successfully checked as <TMPL_IF NAME="xmlwf_only">well-formed</TMPL_IF>
      <TMPL_VAR NAME="file_version" ESCAPE="HTML">!</h2>
   <TMPL_IF NAME="fatal_error">
   <h2 id="results" class="invalid">Sorry! This document can not be checked.</h2>
-  <h2 id="results" class="invalid">This page is <strong>not</strong> Valid <TMPL_VAR NAME="file_version" ESCAPE="HTML">!</h2>
+  <h2 id="results" class="invalid">Error<TMPL_IF NAME="number_of_errors_is_plural">s</TMPL_IF> found while checking this document as <TMPL_VAR NAME="file_version" ESCAPE="HTML">!</h2>
@@ -31,13 +31,13 @@
     <td colspan="2" class="valid">
       <TMPL_IF NAME="is_tentative">
-        Tentatively passed validation<TMPL_IF Name="valid_warnings_num">, <strong class="has_warnings"><TMPL_VAR NAME="valid_warnings_num"> warning(s)</strong></TMPL_IF>
+        Tentatively passed<TMPL_IF Name="valid_warnings_num">, <strong class="has_warnings"><TMPL_VAR NAME="valid_warnings_num"> warning(s)</strong></TMPL_IF>
-        Passed validation<TMPL_IF Name="valid_warnings_num">, <strong class="has_warnings"><TMPL_VAR NAME="valid_warnings_num"> warning(s)</strong></TMPL_IF>
+        Passed<TMPL_IF Name="valid_warnings_num">, <strong class="has_warnings"><TMPL_VAR NAME="valid_warnings_num"> warning(s)</strong></TMPL_IF>
     <td colspan="2" class="invalid">
-      Failed validation<TMPL_IF NAME="number_of_errors_is_1">, 1 Error</TMPL_IF><TMPL_IF NAME="number_of_errors_is_plural">, <TMPL_VAR NAME="valid_errors_num" ESCAPE="HTML"> Errors</TMPL_IF>
+      <TMPL_IF NAME="number_of_errors_is_1">1 Error</TMPL_IF><TMPL_IF NAME="number_of_errors_is_plural"><TMPL_VAR NAME="valid_errors_num" ESCAPE="HTML"> Errors</TMPL_IF><TMPL_IF Name="valid_warnings_num">, <TMPL_VAR NAME="valid_warnings_num"> warning(s)</TMPL_IF>
      <!-- this case where validation fails but no error is listed should never happen -->   
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