[Bug 4586] LWP retrieves empty page


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> Yes, this script works regardless of whether the client requested a keep-alive
> connection or not. IOW, it behaves differently from the previous test case
> ('/en/Home.htm').

Do you know which headers in specific the W3C Markup Validator looks at?

Unfortunately, there isn't a "show server headers" option (as in Validome), so
one cannot guess what exactly is being taken into account regarding server
headers. That would be very useful for diagnostics.

In the near future, I plan on recreating my site by providing dynamic pages,
mainly for serving the pages with the more appropriate Content Type. For
instance, "application/xhtml+xml" for validators and those browsers which
correctly support it, and "text/html" for the rest (mainly legacy browsers),
based on this (very interesting) report:

As such, knowing which headers the W3C Markup Validator pays attention to, I
will be better prepared for setting up the dynamic site.


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