[Bug 4586] LWP retrieves empty page


------- Comment #9 from contact@athrasoft.com  2007-05-28 21:43 -------
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> The server returns the headers, but not the actual content...

Could you please test it again?
At the time I read your previous post, I looked at IIS and realised I would
have to restart it (this sometimes happens to IIS, 1 or 2 times a week).
After doing so, the server got back to its normal state.

Despite your next tests (in case you are willing to do so), the fact is the
same W3C is able to read my contents (CSS and all links), so how come the
contents cannot be read? How is W3C's Link Checker able to trace every link on
my pages without reading their contents first?!  \\8^*

Not to mention that, besides W3C's CSS and Link Checker, Validome too reads my
page's contents (as do as my site visitors).  \\;^)

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