[Bug 4586] LWP retrieves empty page


------- Comment #3 from contact@athrasoft.com  2007-05-27 07:37 -------
Hi, Olivier.

> Apparently this has nothing to do with the document type. If you turn on the
> "show page source" option, you will see that the validator is given an empty
> document to validate (and hence, does not find a doctype - or any content for
> that matter).

Yes, I noticed that.


> Not sure what is going on between LWP and your server, but this is a very rare
> case. Possibly, the fact that your server is sending two "Content-Type" HTTP
> headers could be confusing LWP, but I'm not sure about it yet.

The server has been set up and is maintained by myself, so I'm free to do any
modifications needed to solve the issue.

As for the headers, I tested them by using some online header-readers and saw
nothing unusual. If you see a page about browser compliance, there's a
screenshot available that prove the pages are correctly being rendered by a
number of browsers:

I have set up the HTTP Headers (on IIS/Win2k) so that it serves two different
1) UTF-8 for the forums root folder, otherwise the phpbb 3 messes up with
   accented characthers. This is working fine this way.
2) Windows-1252 (the same as in page's meta statements), for English/Portuguese
   pages on the web site.Also working fine.

I tested W3Cs validator with several by serving the pages with different
HTTP Headers (UTF-8, ISO-8859-1, etc) and also with none at all - nothing

I am yet to try reading the headers from a Delphi program for wich I got the
source code - ICS from François Piette. I'm going to change one of its sample
projects so that it traces the read of server headers. I'll let you know if I
discover something weird (as the duplicate header you mentioned).

For now, thanks for replying so fast.
Very good this bug tracker!

Best regards,
Paulo França

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