[Bug 1500] XHTML-sent-as-text/html is parsed as XML


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> Oliver, I don't see why you've now changed your mind on this.

I have not "changed my mind". I have been very puzzled by this issue for the
longest time, openly so. I have asked people for discussions and clarification.
I eventually got a reasonable clarification from the people who made the xhtml
standard, which the validator is here to implement and enforce. So I'm moving

> My comment #8
> from last year still applies, and all I can do is paraphrase it again. 

Your comment #8 does not apply to the decision to parse (or not) xhtml with the
xml parser. Your comment applies to the usefulness of having extra checks for
the appendix C in the case of XHTML sent as text/html. That's Bug 4514, and
this bug is opened.

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