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2002/css-validator/autotest README,1.1,1.2

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-Pour lancer les tests:
+To launch the test software (you can edit this simple script to adapt
+the classpath): 
+./autotest.sh file
+where file is an xml file containing the list of tests to perform.
+You should redirect the output (html code) to a file so that you can
+visualize the results through a browser.
+Some xml examples files are giver in testsuite/xml.
+Tests are grouped by type, so you can organize them better.
+A test allows to check only one path/url.
+For each test, you can specify a description and the expected result
+(validity, errors and warnings count).
+Some test examples:
+- une url:
+    <test>
+      <url>http://css.example.com/path/to/the/real/example.css</url>
+      <description>example website</description>
+      <result valid="false">
+        <errors>24</errors>
+        <warnings>0</warnings>
+      </result>
+    </test>
+- un fichier local:
+    <test>
+      <file>testsuite/general/misc/sampleCSS1.css</file>
+      <description>
+	This style sheet is written according to the suggested rendering in the 
+	HTML 2.0 specification. Some styles, e.g. colors, have been added for 
+	completeness. It is suggested that a style sheet similar to this one 
+	is used as the UA default.
+      </description>
+    </test>
+Pour lancer le programme (vous pouvez editer ce script pour adapter le
 ./autotest.sh file
 ou file est le fichier xml contenant la liste des tests a effectuer.
 Il est conseille de rediriger la sortie (du code html) vers un fichier
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