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[Bug 856] [RELEASE] 0.7.0 Release Metabug

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Date: Wed, 15 Sep 2004 21:23:10 +0000
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------- Additional Comments From ville.skytta@iki.fi  2004-09-15 21:23 -------
Ok, here's my take on the blocker list.  As the general idea, IMO we should
focus on completing the transition and "architectural" changes introduced so far
since 0.6.x, and then release 0.7.0.

Real blockers:
Transition incomplete, would be regressions: bug 89, bug 860, bug 861.
Bug 838 is unfortunate, but unless fixed, far too much "feedback" expected.

Nice to have:
These are more long standing issues, and since I currently think that finishing
what has been started first would have the high priorities, I wouldn't consider
these as blockers for 0.7.0.  bug 48, bug 63, bug 65, bug 68, bug 78, bug 109,
bug 196, bug 213, bug 301, bug 336, bug 749, bug 752.

Not important now: bug 75, bug 297.

Bug 739 is an implementation detail, dunno enough about it (yet?) to be able to
really comment.  And Tabtastic (bug 862) looks cool, but there was a broader
discussion about the UI a while back, including some folks volunteering to
help/advice/comment/(re)design it.

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